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Pram Cleaning

Here at Pram Valet we know a thing or two about the stress involved in trying to keep your baby's equipment clean. As parents, we all know that everything from buggies to car seats to your carrycot need to be kept clean and free of bacteria for the baby's health.

We've all run an anti-bac wipe around our pram after the little one has had an accident, but is it enough? Well, we don't think it is, so that's why we offer pram cleaning services that make sure your prams are deep cleaned, bacteria free, and ready for your baby to head out again.

Want to hear more about what our pram cleaning involves and why parents just like you are already opting to have us help keep their prams in top condition? Then read on below.

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Why pram cleaning is necessary

Not every new parent is aware of the difference between a pram, a buggy, and a pushchair/stroller (which are the same thing), so let's just clarify something. A pram is for newborns, designed to keep them laying down when you're out and about. It's a sturdy travel system designed to support babies lying down who aren't old enough to sit up and support themselves yet.
Why is that important to know?
Because if your newborn is using a pram, then it's going to have to deal with different kinds of messes compared to a buggy or stroller, for example.
It also means that pram cleaning is even more important in many ways. Newborns are vulnerable to bacteria if you don't keep on top of cleaning, so our pram service is one of our most popular cleaning services for this reason.
Newborns make messes (we'll talk more about the different kinds of messes later), and that's why cleaning your pram is so important. If you have not checked out our guide on pram storage you may need a clean for this reason. If you want to try it yourself then checkout our guide on how to clean a pram. Customers use our professional service because a pram that is deep cleaned is a safer environment for your little one - it's as simple as that!

What do we do during our pram cleaning express service?

So what do we actually do during a pram clean? Well, our most common tasks are to:

  • remove fabrics where possible to clean the pram fabric.
  • polish & clean the pram wheels and frame
  • carry out basic maintenance and repairs on items like the wheels
  • deep clean the seat of any stains or messes
  • remove dirt and dust

We can do all of this using non toxic steam cleaning methods that deliver the best possible service and ensure your child is completely safe when they get back in again. Our job is to make sure your family has peace of mind and your little one has a safe, hygienic place to relax when you show them off to the world.

Who our pram cleaning is for

Because this service is for prams, we're really targeting newborns with our cleaning. That means we know what sort of messes to expect when we carry out a quality cleaning service for this type of travel system.

If you're using prams right now for your little one that's in need of a repair (we can handle small repairs at Pram Valet so long as it isn't a complicated fix) or cleaning, then our services are designed for you and your family!

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The messes we deal with

Without wanting to gross anybody out, there's no secret that there are certain messes we'd expect in prams from newborns that just won't be as common in a stroller or buggy for an older child.

But don't worry, our team has seen it all, and there's no mess, big or small, that we can't handle.

Typically, our service will focus on cleaning:

mould problems (mould can be dangerous)

How our collection and delivery service can benefit you

The whole idea behind Pram Valet is that we offer professional cleaning services to our customers from around the UK & we can offer a range of options to suit you.

If you're close to us, then we can offer a drop off and collection service that will mean we can have your pram ready ASAP, and you can pick it up again as soon as it's ready. But even if you're a little further afield, we also use a delivery service that makes your life even easier.

We know new parents are busy, so if you can cope without your pram for a little longer, we can have it steam cleaned and baby-ready in no time at all, and then get it sent back to you with no fuss. Sounds great, right?

Why do new parents love us!

There are many reasons why new parents, just like you, love our cleaning services for prams, but without a doubt the number one reason is knowing that their little one is in a perfectly safe and clean environment again. We take care of all the messes for you, from food to bathroom messes, removing mould from the pram fabric & mud, and make sure your travel system is ready for your baby as quickly as possible.

We also find that our prices shock parents often. Here at Pram Valet, we know how budgets take a hit when your family grows, which is why we offer quality work for small costs. Fancy sprucing up your old pram before a new arrival? Our cleaning work will cost a fraction of the price of new prams, and the end result is just as clean - if not, more so!

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Other services we offer

In addition to cleaning prams, we also clean other items too that families like yours might be interested in:

We can take any car seat and transform it. Messes in your little one's car seat are so common because there's just no predicting what will happen when you hit the road. If something goes wrong, though, we can put it right.

Your lightweight buggy is known for its flexibility, often doubling as a car seat and stroller for older kids. But with older kids come bigger messes so check out our buggy cleaning service. Don't worry, there's nothing we can't fix.

And finally, your pushchair is a hardy piece of kit for your toddlers, and we all know how mischievous those terrible twos can be... Any problems, messes, or stains (tantrum caused or otherwise) can all be cleaned up with our pushchair cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can steam clean a pram, it's one of the safest and most effective ways to remove sick, dirt, grime, sticky mess and mould without shrinking or damaging the material.

Yes you can use a hose to easily apply water to the pram as long as it's only slightly warm and you are using a mild soft soap.

No it is not recommended to jet wash a pram unless it has a really low pressure similar to a hose pipe.Jet washers are typically high pressure and can stretch or even tear the fabric.

Yes you can clean a mouldy pram, we specialise in just that, even something as simple as vinegar can kill 80% of mould species and prevent further growth.

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