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Buggy Cleaning

We've talked several times here at Pram Valet about the different travel systems and the differences between prams, buggies, a stroller or a pushchair - so we won't cover old ground today.

What we will do, however, is finally shine a spotlight on our buggy cleaning express service and talk about what it is that we'll do during the clean, why so many of our customers are trusting us already, and how the entire system works.

So, if you think your buggy needs to be deep cleaned, then let us explain how we here at Pram Valet can take care of that for you and help you provide a safe and clean space for your little ones.

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Keeping your toddler equipment in check

It's no secret that when your baby isn't such a baby anymore, they start getting into more trouble than they did before. And one of the things toddlers and kids like doing most is putting things in their mouth that they shouldn't. It makes no sense to us parents, but it sure can cause us panic when we see our sweet baby licking the underside of high chairs we haven't cleaned in a while or sucking on buggy straps we know we've never disinfected.

So, now that your baby is a little more grown, they're probably using a buggy rather than a pram, and keeping buggies clean is even more important. Why?

One thing you'll notice between the different services we provide is that we like to focus on the different travel systems individually.

The main reason for that is that newborn babies using prams will create different messes compared to older kids who can use a lightweight, flexible buggy or a sturdier pushchair.

Today, we're focussing on your buggy, and why it's many roles mean we have to approach cleaning it a little differently to other travel systems for kids.

Your buggy will often be used as a car seat too, since they're usually flexible and lightweight and can be used in many ways. Well, a car seat will almost always have different stains, messes, and maintenance issues compared with prams or strollers.

Kids getting sick whilst travelling or having accidents in their car seat is pretty common, so we need to employ the very best spot cleaning techniques to ensure no messes are left behind.

Since it'll also act as a stroller or pushchair, your buggy will likely have some food messes too. As your little one snacks on the move, messes will inevitably be made, and that bacteria is something you don't want around your kids. Especially if it's an old mess.

With this in mind, we'll make sure we look after your child's health and safety by using bacteria-killing cleaning methods to keep everything safe for your precious one and get rid of those nasty splotches to boot!

Carry cots are also something your travel system might be able to transform into, and whilst that doesn't necessarily mean specific messes, it might mean different repairs when we take a look at your buggy.

The frame might need more focus because of its many roles, and as part of our cleaning service we like to work on any small repairs too, so making sure everything is functioning as it should is important.

Why keeping your buggy clean is vital

It's important that your buggy is kept clean for many reasons, but here are some of the top ones parents already send their buggies to us for cleaning:

  • keep it 'like-new' for future use (buggy storage guide)
  • provide safe environment for their little one
  • show off their toddler equipment at its best
  • ensure that everything is working as it should

What buggy cleaning means to us

So, when we offer buggy cleaning services to you, what does that actually entail? Well, we usually split it into two parts: the cleaning side, and the mechanical side...


Carrying out cleaning on your buggy is really important to us, and it's also really important to us that we use gentle, non-toxic cleaning methods to deliver the great service we offer. That's why we opt for steam cleaning. This helps us deep clean the fabrics of your buggy and spot clean any stains.

We'll happily take care of all messes too: food, bathroom, vomit, mould, dirt, dust - whatever issues you have, we can fix them with gentle soaps, steam cleaning, and a little bit of polish on the frame and wheels.

Our gentle approach delivers top-quality results, in the safest way possible.

Mechanical checks

A huge part of our buggy cleaning isn't just about making sure it is deep cleaned, it's also about making sure the mechanical side of it is working right too.

Buggies perform so many roles, which also means they're far more mechanical than a simple pram or stroller. So, as part of our service, we make sure it can do everything it's supposed to do.

We'll test it, and if there are any obvious problems we can fix easily, we'll take care of it. That means the buggy you get back will work better than it did when you dropped it off with us. Great, right?

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How it all works

If you think you could benefit from our buggy cleaning service, then here's a quick rundown of how it all works:

  • Contact us with the service you require today.
  • Decide between collection or delivery: if you're close, dropping off your buggy with us and coming back to collect when it's ready is faster. But we also know some parents prefer it to be delivered so they don't have to free up time to drop it off, and that's OK too. Just let us know what works best for you.
  • We'll clean and repair any issues.
  • Then we can return it to you - either via delivery or collection - it's your choice!

After that, all that's left for you to do is enjoy your freshly cleaned buggy with your little one on your next big adventure!

What you can do now!

Maybe now you're more confident about working with us here at Pram Valet to provide a clean and safe environment for your precious one? If that's so, reach out today. We're excited to work with you and we always relish the opportunity to show off our quality service to new families that are sure to be impressed.

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Other services we offer

In addition to cleaning prams, we also clean other items too that families like yours might be interested in:

We can take any car seat and transform it. Messes in your little one's car seat are so common because there's just no predicting what will happen when you hit the road. If something goes wrong, though, we can put it right.

Your lightweight buggy is known for its flexibility, often doubling as a car seat and stroller for older kids. But with older kids come bigger messes so check out our buggy cleaning service. Don't worry, there's nothing we can't fix.

And finally, your pushchair is a hardy piece of kit for your toddlers, and we all know how mischievous those terrible twos can be... Any problems, messes, or stains (tantrum caused or otherwise) can all be cleaned up with our pushchair cleaning service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can steam clean a pram, it's one of the safest and most effective ways to remove sick, dirt, grime, sticky mess and mould without shrinking or damaging the material.

Yes you can use a hose to easily apply water to the pram as long as it's only slightly warm and you are using a mild soft soap.

No it is not recommended to jet wash a pram unless it has a really low pressure similar to a hose pipe.Jet washers are typically high pressure and can stretch or even tear the fabric.

Yes you can clean a mouldy pram, we specialise in just that, even something as simple as vinegar can kill 80% of mould species and prevent further growth.

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